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Part1: Edge For Me! [Vid]


Mean Vee Feet: PT_1: “Edge For Me!” Video Format: MP4 Length: 9 mins


“Edge For Me!”

I want your pole dripping with anticipation… awaiting my commands… sliming up your palms. Watch my subtle movements and drool to my toes in SLOW MOTION. Stroke yourself while you play my EDGE REWARD GAME!

Groan, Moan, and Beg to release as you listen to my BLISSFUL COVER MUSIC. No Voices needed for our interlude – that’s designated for Part 2! Meanwhile, watching me wiggle my TONGUE and stretch my TOES is all the temptation that you’ll need. 

The thought of my HOT SOLES in your mouth makes you weak. “Lick ..Lick ..Lick”  





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